Networking and dissemination will be ongoing processes for IndigenoVeg.

IndigenoVeg wishes to achieve the broadest possible impact by sharing its activities with the widest possible audience. External participants will be welcome to attend the thematic meetings. Institutions interested in carrying out surveys on indigenous vegetables (IV) in urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) in their own countries that will be directly comparable to the IndigenoVeg surveys will be especially welcome to share the methodology developed by IndigenoVeg partners.

IndigenoVeg partners will apply themselves to the production of articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals and newsletters, policy documents, simple technical support pamphlets, recipe leaflets and radio programmes for farmers. Please consult our documents page regularly for updates on these materials.

The two main vehicles for dissemination will be:

  • A conference to be held in January 2008 and;
  • A book which will be an up-to-date scientific synthesis of existing knowledge and new information (largely from the IndigenoVeg project) bringing together the fields of IV and UPA. It will highlight the potential synergies of the two fields with benefits for sustainable livelihoods, food security and biodiversity conservation, illustrated with new case studies from across Africa.

Partners are currently developing the plan of action for these two outputs. Please visit this page in the near future for updates.



last updated: 11/12/2006