Partners are currently developing the methodology for the surveys. Please visit this page in the near future for updates.

The IndigenoVeg African partners will be conducting small-scale surveys in two cities from each country (Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa) in order to provide essential baseline data to help fill in the knowledge gap in terms of indigenous vegetable (IV) production and marketing in urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) and to aid the formulation of future collaborative research proposals by the consortium. The surveys are expected to generate information on:

  • The domestic and export markets for IVs;
  • The main players in the market, the current value and volume of markets for IVs;
  • The constraints for small peri-urban farmers to participate in these markets.

In order to gather this diverse information, the questionnaires will survey groups of farmers, consumers, market sellers and small shop business owners (such as 'Shoprite' in East Africa, who sell IVs). The same questionnaires will be administered in each country, and the survey will be co-ordinated and analysed centrally, so that there is homogeneity in the data collection and analysis process.

The consortium believes that gathering this information more widely in sub-Saharan Africa using the same methodology could generate extremely useful data for comparative purposes. Any organisations which are interested in carrying out the same survey in their own countries are welcome to get in touch with the work package 3 leader (please go to the main contact page) to obtain details on the methodology used.



last updated: 11/12/2006