Partners will have the opportunity of sharing and discussing their recent and on-going research at a series of 14 thematic meetings, which are grouped into three work packages (WP):

  • 'Sustainable management practices for IV production' (WP 4);
  • 'Opening niche markets for IVs' particularly in urban and peri-urban areas (WP 5)
  • 'Development of policy for the promotion of IV in urban and peri-urban areas' (WP6)

The thematic meetings have been classified as State-of-the-art (SOA) meetings, Dissemination of methodology (DM) meetings and Discussion (Di) meetings. Please click here for a more detailed explanation of each meeting type.

To broaden the impact of the network, external participants will be welcome to attend the thematic meetings, to share their research insights. If interested, please contact the Coordinator or the relevant WP leader (please go to the contact page).

The list of thematic meeting topics can be found here. A programme description for each meeting will be posted a few months before each meeting (please click on a meeting title to get further information).

The organisers, venue, and prospective dates are presented in Table 1. In most cases, two or three meetings will run back-to-back, each meeting lasting two days.



last updated: 11/12/2006