IndigenoVeg activities (which are arranged into work packages -WP) can be loosely grouped into four types: 1) sharing and discussing recent and on-going research findings; 2) collecting background information to start filling in knowledge gaps on indigenous vegetables (IV) in urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA); 3) identifying directions for future research; 4) and networking and engaging with a wider audience of scientists, policy makers and farmers.

  • Sharing recent findings - The forum for coordinating research and exchanging ideas hinges on a series of 14 thematic meetings organised under three subthemes: 'Sustainable management practices for IV production' (WP 4), 'Opening niche markets for IV' (WP 5) and 'Development of policy for the promotion of IV in urban and peri-urban areas' (WP 6). Click here for further details.
  • Collecting background information - All partners will compile from their work a list of relevant publications on IVs and UPA (WP 2). Then, Sub-Saharan African partners will conduct small-scale surveys to gather crucial missing baseline data on the nature and extent of production of IVs in urban and peri-urban areas and on marketing constraints and opportunities in relation to these varieties (WP 3). Click here for further details.
  • Identifying future research directions - This activity will primarily take place at an integration meeting towards the end of the project, which will bring together the outcomes of all thematic meetings with the data from the surveys, underpinning the joint identification of research priorities (WP 1). However, it is expected that the development of collaborative research proposals could take place throughout the lifetime of the project, drawing on the ongoing discussions, as and when funding opportunities become available. Click here for further details.
  • Wider networking - In order to achieve 'prestige' for IVs, both within the research and development community, the farmer and consumer community, and the policy-making environment, wider networking and dissemination of IndigenoVeg outputs is essential (WP 7). In terms of networking, IndigenoVeg is making contact with relevant networks and organisations working on similar topics (please go to our links page to find out about other organisations working on IV and UPA), and will encourage external participation in the thematic meetings. In terms of outputs, findings and outcomes of the activities will be primarily disseminated through a conference at the end of the coordination action, a special themed book, and a regularly updated website. Click here for further details.

last updated: 11/12/2006